Laurie Pryce
Cranial Sacral Therapist



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Victoria Office: 778-433-6733

Vancouver Office: 604-874-2202


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2012 Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy: Long Tide

Ged Sumner Victoria BC


2012  Advanced Dowsing

Dennis Barnett Vancouver BC


2012 Franklin Method: Pelvic Power

Eric Franklin Vancouver BC


2011 Uzazu: Language of Energy, Levels 1-3

Dylan Newcomb   Vancouver BC


2011 Assemblage Point Therapy

Dennis Barnett Kelowna BC


2011 BioGenesis: Course of Creation

Dr. David Demaray Vancouver BC


2011  BioGenesis: Course of Abilities

Dr. David Demaray Vancouver BC


2011 BioGenesis: Acceleration Program

Dr. David Demaray Boulder Colorado


2010 Heart Resonance: Levels 1-3

Trevor Gollagher Vancouver BC


2010  German New Medicine: Levels 1-4

Caroline Markolin   Vancouver BC


2010 Experiential Embryology

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen New York


2009 Matrix Energetics: Levels 1-3

Dr. Richard Bartlett   Seattle WA


2009 Quantum Healing: Levels 1-3

Dr. Douglas M Perry   Vancouver BC


2008  Yamuna Body Rolling: Teacher Training (all but certified)

Taylore Carre Vancouver BC


2006-07 Canadian College of Osteopathy: Years 1-2

Philippe Druelle, et al Vancouver BC


2005 Watsu: Levels 1-2

Mary Seamster   Vancouver BC


2004 Hot Stone Massage

Kathryn Schertzer: Ambiantz Aromatherapy and Massage Centre Inc    Vancouver BC


2004 Indian Head Massage

Kathryn Schertzer: Ambiantz Aromatherapy and Massage Centre Inc    Vancouver BC


2003 Polarity Therapy

Jaisri M. Lambert: Ayurveda Seminars & Consulting

Vancouver BC


2003 Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Yodih Williamson   Whiterock BC


2003 Ayurvedic Spa Training

Colleen Fraser, RMT: Vida Wellness Spa: Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center   Vancouver BC


2003 Chair Massage

Kathryn Schertzer: Ambiantz Centre   Vancouver BC


2002 International School of Chinese Medicine: Year 1

Vancouver BC


2002  Aqua-Cranio

Shantam Heidtke   Vancouver BC


2002 Acupressure, Mobile Cupping, Tui Na, Tai Qi: Apprenticeship

Joe Wong   Vancouver BC


2001 Healing Sound

Simon Heather   Vancouver BC


2001 Orthobionomy: Apprenticeship

John Stewart Land   Vancouver BC


2000 Lymphatic Drainage

Upledger Institute   Vancouver BC


1999 Visceral Manipulation: Levels 1-2

Upledger Institute   Vancouver BC


1997-98 Cranial Sacral Therapy: Levels 1-2

Upledger Institute   Vancouver BC


1996-97 Body-Mind Centering Systems & Development: Years 1-2

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen   San Francisco CA


1995 Arnold Mindell Process Work: Practitioner Group

Claudia Zurmuhle, SRC   Vancouver BC


1994 Somatics

Don St. John  Mt. Shasta CA


1993-94 Hellerwork: Certification Program

Joseph Heller, et al  Victoria BC


1993 Syntonics

Judith Koltai Victoria BC


1991-93 International School of Body Management: Levels 1-4

Leonora Gregory-Collura (Naturally Autistic)   Vancouver BC


1992 Education Through Movement: Building the Foundation

Phyllis S. Weikart   MI


1991  Hyperton-X: Levels 1-2

Suzanne Ryder   Vancouver BC


1990 New Method Kinesiology

Suzanne Ryder    Vancouver BC


1987 Fitness Walking: Instructor Training

YMCA   Vancouver BC






2005 Multiple Hands-on Bodywork: Five-person group

Brian Finnie: Cranial Sacral, Myofascial Release


2000 Continuum & Cranial Sacral Therapy

Dr. Benjamin Shield, Doris Maranda


1999 Fluid Yoga

Donna Farhi


1998 Breema Bodywork

Alexi Strandberg


1998 Visceral Manipulation

Annabel Mackenzie


1997 Lower Leg & Foot

Vera Orlock: Body-Mind Centering


1997-6 Continuum

Emilie Conrad-Dauod, Susan Harper


1996 Developmental Patterning

Saliq Savage


1996 Ligaments

Saliq Savage


1996 Lengthening Nerves

Douglas B MacKenzie: Body-Mind Centering


1996  Cellular Touch

Douglas B MacKenzie: Body-Mind Centering


1994 Movement Analysis of Personalities

Dianne Miller: Vancouver Pilates Centre, founder


1994 Orthobionomy

John Stewart Land


1993  Hakomi Method: Introduction

Susan Allen


1991 Parasympathetic & Sympathetic Nervous System

Jane Ellison






Tai Qi

Tai Qi Sword

Hula Hoop Dance


Contact Improvisation


Alexander Technique

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

Bones for Life

Laban, Human Tune Up


Original Yin: Core Training

Yvonne Jaques: C.H.E.K. Connecting to Your Core

Harmonic Overtones





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