The cranial sacral fluid system is the deepest most central physiological fluid system in the body. Just as the deepest part of the ocean moves the terrain of the ocean floor with its  tidal rhythms so too does the inherent tidal movement of the cranial sacral fluid system in the body move all the terrain in the body.


The central nervous system is soothed and combed  and nourished by these fluctuating tides. This tide has a widening phase and a lengthening and narrowing phase. All the other fluid systems of the body are assisted by this central rhythm. The circulation of blood , of lymph, of  interorgan fluid and intercellular fluid and the movement of the cranial fluid in and around the brain are coherent to one another because of this system. We can perceive our body as a volumetric whole because this system influences every fiber of our being into a unified motion. The skill of the practitioner is in perceiving this coherence by following the movement of this system as a whole. Invasive forces that disrupt this coherence are palpated by the practitioner and the inprint of these forces are noticed .


The listening hands of the practitioner become the river bank as the river builds amplitude and in turn changes the shoreline a feed-back loop is created and the responsive revitalized body slowly discharges the traumatic forces. The rhythm of each fluid system is restored and the most restorative resourcing by this long tide of the central axis builds back out to the biosphere of wholeness.


There are many and various conditions that respond well to this therapy.


Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy

• Whiplash

• Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

• TMJ Temple Mandibular Joint

• Sciatica

• Migraines

• Back & Neck Pain

• Post Hip Surgery

• Scar Tissue

• Sprained Ankles

• Post Natal Surgeries

• Digestive Disturbances

• Scoliosis, Kyphosis

• Lordosis


• Ear Aches

• Tinnitus

• M.S., Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia

• Birth Trauma

• Arthritis

Conditions that can be Resolved or Improved Upon

For the past 20 years I have been synthesizing practical techniques for working with physically abled and differently abled individuals doing hands-on bodywork and movement education.


It is possible to alter the body's underlying feeling about itself and its link to the world - that is, offering the body as well as the mind new possibilities so that the habitual mold to which a body and mind conformed to, become transformed as new bodily meanings become crystallized.


Listening to body signals in this deep and subtle way permits a more versatile way of perceiving one's self and creates new channels of learning and openness to new experiences in movement, in life, in wonder.


The name of my practice is Biodynamic Body.

Biodynamic Health Expressions

• The Breath of Life and its Expressions

• How Patterns of Experience Shape the Body

• Meeting Overwhelm with Resources

• Being in a Relational Field

• Being in Stillness

• Embryology

• Birth and Ignition Processes

Skills of the Practitioner are:

• Power of Presence

• Developing Perception

• Recognizing the Holistic Shift

• Working with the Inherent Treatment Plan

• Facilitating States of Balance

• Orienting to Tides

• Process Oriented Focus Relating to Deep Forces of Health

• Knowing Anatomy and Physiology


“ All healing occurs in relationship. …a state of knowing presence through embodied touch that orients our body to its deepest forces of health. This touch brings about a natural movement towards whole body relationship and a reorganization back to optimal alignment. There are subtle rhythmic movements in the body, underlying structure and physiology, that can be felt by a therapist. The therapist can interact with these rhythms and promote resolution of overwhelming experiences. Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy is an extraordinary paradigm for safely meeting our deepest earliest and painful stories and supporting lasting change.”


- Ged Sumner and Steve Haines.

A description of biodynamic cranial sacral therapy from the book cover of “ Cranial Intelligence “