The Art of Touch and Repatterning


The movement of each body part is relative to every other body part and to the system as a whole. The movement of each system is relative to every other system and of each cell to every other cell. If any constellation of parts become fixed the pattern becomes pathogenic in physicality and an associated state of mind.

 "In the art of touch and re patterning, through placement of attention within specific layers of the body, through following existing lines of force and suggesting new ones, and through changes in the pressure and quality of touch, we come into harmony with the different tissues and their associated states of mind. We begin with cellular presence (cellular breathing) and focus on the resonance and dialogue between client and practitioner. Each tissue of the body is explored from the corresponding tissue of the practitioner, i.e. bone from bone, organ from organ, fluid from fluid, etc. Attention is given to the primary tissues expressing themselves and those tissues which are usually in the shadow, so that the supporting tissues can be given voice and the articulating ones be allowed to recuperate. This shift of energy expression allows for more choices and expanded consciousness of the body-mind. Acceptance and mutual resonance guide the inquiry."


Biodynamic body is a synthesis of my varied trainings in somatic journeying. The above description of the art of touch and repatterning is taken directly from Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Her field called Body-mind Centering has provided the mapping for my continuing explorations in Biodynamic Body.